Slicing Dice

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In order to connect your Slicing Dice database to Slemma you need to follow a few simple steps.

First, make sure you are logged in your Slicing Dice account. Then you need to navigate to the Library page in Slemma, click the big blue plus button and choose Integration from the submenu. Find and choose Slicing Dice from the list.

After that you will see the pop up window that will require an API key for connection.

You can find it in your Slicing Dice account, it is a green button in the top right hand corner in the Databases menu. 

Once you get the API key, just insert it to the required field in Slemma’s pop up window and press the Check Connection button. A Success window will follow then.

The Data Refresh tab enables you to establish automatic updates of your data. Select the desired frequency, time and time zone of cache flushing. Head over to this article for more info on data refreshing.

Press Connect to finish the process.

The Slicing Dice integration has been successfully created. Go back to your Slemma library and you will find it. You can now either browse your existing datasets in your Slicing Dice account or you can create a new one via a SQL query.

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