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In Slemma, you have the opportunity to add formulas into text boxes or into chart headings and they’ll transform into the text that shows dataset creation/update date or dashboard filter selection.

To make it work, select the formula that you need from the list below, replace the values in the square brackets with the ones that you use in your charts (Case Sensitive!), and click outside the text box. The formula will be transformed to show the necessary information.

To edit the formula, just click the text inside the box again.

You may apply text formatting to the formula just like regular text and combine text and formulas in one text block.

Filter selection

NOTE: These formulas work for the Dashboard filters applied to dimensions only.

To display your filter selection, add the following formula to a text box:


Replace DataSourceName with the name of your dataset, and DimensionName with the name of the dimension by which you filter your chart.

For example, if you have a chart built on the dataset called “Coffee Chain” and the dimension “Region” by which you’ve already created a filter in the dashboard, you need to insert the following formula in the text box:

{[Coffee Chain].[Region].[Level].Selection}

Please notice, that “Region” dimension has only one level that’s why we didn’t replace [Level].

For dimensions that have several levels, you need to replace [Level] with the level name that you use for the filter. For example, the Date dimension has four levels: Years, Quarter, Month, Days. I filter my charts by days, so the formula should be:

{[Coffee Chain].[Date].[Days].Selection}

To show the first or the last selected element, use:



For Weeks level, use {[DataSourceName].[DimensionName – Weeks].[Level].Last

Data source’s creation and refresh dates

To show the dataset creation date or last refresh day, insert one of the following formulas:

{[DataSourceName].CreateDate} – will show the date when the dataset was created.

{[DataSourceName].LastUpdateDate} – will show the date when the dataset was updated.

Replace DataSourceName with the name of the desired dataset and click outside the textbox.

First and last elements of dimension

NOTE: These formulas work for dimensions only.

To display the first or the last dimension element from your dataset, add one of the following formulas into a text box:



Replace DataSourceName with the name of your dataset, and DimensionName with the name of the dimension you are interested in.

Current date

To represent the current date on the dashboard, insert the following formula into a text box:


After you will click outside the text box, the current date will be represented in the text box.

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