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You can connect your Box to upload spreadsheets straight from you cloud storage. Once you’ve connected your service, each dataset you upload to Slemma will appear in your Data sources page.

Creating an Integration

Navigate to the Data sources page and click the plus button at the bottom right.

Select Box from the list.

Enter your login credentials for the service and grant Slemma permission to access your account (you need to do it once).

Once you have established the connection, you will be able to share the integration with either individuals or the entire team, rename or remove the integration (right click the integration in the list to view the options).

Creating a Dataset

Click your Box integration and select Browse datasets. Slemma will show you all the files available in your storage service. Select the one you’d like to import.

NOTE: Before you upload your *.csv or Excel file from cloud storage, make sure that it is formatted correctly.

Once you choose the file, you will be taken to the Dataset editor. Though Slemma data decoder does everything to upload data automatically, you may need to set up additional options. Please read this article to learn more about different import options, field types and auto update.

When you set all the needed options in the Dataset editor, click DONE to add your file to the list of datasets.

You can now create charts and dashboards with data from your cloud storage.

To learn how to update data from Box, go here.

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