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Make a copy with data function is available by right clicking on the saved chart, dashboard or presentation. This function enables you to duplicate the desired object and all the datasets used in it. It may be useful in the following cases:

  1. One of the users created a dashboard and shared it with you (you are an admin of the Team). To be sure that this dashboard (including datasets) wouldn’t be removed, you can make a copy with data. You’ll be the owner of the copied objects.
  2. When you need to create several identical dashboards on different datasets (with the same structure).

NOTE: The function Make a copy with data is available for admins only.

Let’s consider the second example in details.

Right click the desired dashboard (chart or presentation) and select the Make a copy with data function. You’ll see the copied dashboard and the datasets used in it (with the same names + “Copy” at the end). Now you can do the following trick: open one of the copied datasets for editing, click the Choose a file button and select a new document to update the current dataset. It immediately replaces the old one.

NOTE: The Choose a file button is available for Cloud storage datasets only.

When ready, change the desired file settings and click Done to save. Do the same for all the necessary datasets.

The charts on the Dashboard are now connected to the updated datasets. Please note that the charts will remain unchanged if the structures of the previous and new datasets are equal. Otherwise, after reconnection, charts will break and you’ll have to create them from scratch.

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