Managing Dashboards

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In this article, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

Save and Name Dashboard

When your dashboard is ready, click the Save () icon on the top ribbon. When you first save your dashboard, you will see the dialog box where you can name the dashboard and move it to one of your folders. Alternatively, click the dashboard’s name to rename the dashboard.

Download Dashboard

Click the three dots () icon from the top right corner and choose Share & export option.

Alternatively, from the home page, right click the dashboard or click the three dots () icon to access the dashboard menu and choose Share > Save as PDF.

Duplicate Dashboard

From your home page, right click the dashboard or click the three dots () icon to access the dashboard’s menu. Click the Duplicate option.

The created copy is completely independent from the original dashboard.

Mark Dashboard

To point the dashboard, from the home page, right click the dashboard or click the three dots () icon to access the dashboard’s menu. Star the dashboards to find them easily.

You can then find all the starred dashboards under the Starred tab of the Navigation pane.

Move to Folder

To create a new folder, go to the Library page, click the blue plus button at the bottom of a page, and select Folder.

If you want to change the dashboard location, drag and drop the dashboard into a folder or use the Move to option in the dashboard menu.

Refresh Data Sources

By default, your charts load fresh data each time when the dashboard is opened. Once opened, the dashboard will not refresh again unless you refresh it manually.

NOTE: Whether or not you get fresh data when you open the dashboard, is dependent on your data source’s refresh schedule. You can also manually refresh data sources.

Manually refreshing chart data overrides your data source’s cache duration. To refresh all charts on your dashboard manually, choose Refresh now from the dashboard menu.

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