Too Much Data to Display?

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Why do I get “There are too many columns”, or “There are too many sectors”, or “There are too many bubbles” message?

Different chart types have different limitations on number of elements they can display:

  • Column and Bar, Combo, Bullet: 300 columns
  • Timeline: no limits
  • Treemap: 500 segments
  • Scatter plot: 1000 elements
  • Pie Chart: 1000 segments
  • Table: 5000¬†columns or rows, but no more than 50000 cells

Here are a couple of ways you can display your data in this case:

  • Use another chart type
  • Restrict the selection by using chart filters
  • Add a scroll to your chart (this¬†option works for Column and Bar, Timeline and Combo chart types)
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