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You can review and manage all users on the Team members tab and Clients tab (from the navigation pane, head over to the Admin page > Team members/Clients).

NOTE: Clients are enabled starting from the Small Business plan.

When you click on the three dots button in the row with the Team member’s/Client’s name, you are able to:

  • Reset password: When you click this option, the system will ask a Team member/Client to change the password at next login. You may reset password for multiple users by selecting more than one checkbox.
  • Edit: This option enables you to change the group, role and the list of objects available to create for the specific Team member/Client.
  • Login as this user: Use this option to login into Slemma by the specific Team member’s/Client’s account.
  • Get User Token: Use this option to get users token when you embed dashboards, saved charts and presentations into a website or application.
  • Permissions: This option enables you to review the objects that are shared with this Team member/Client and change the permission level if needed. Head over to this article to learn more about access management. Please note, that you are not able to change permissions for the Team members with the admin rights.
NOTE: If you see that a Team member has the Parent access permission level to some object, it means that access rights to this object are inherited from the Team or a group. You can block access to this object for this particular Team member or restore parent access rights.
  • Custom attributes: Specify the corresponding values of the custom attributes for Team members and Clients in order to activate a Dynamic Filtering option.
  • Remove: This option enables you to remove Team members/Clients from your Team. You may remove multiple users by selecting more than one checkbox.

You may also use a search option to find the necessary Team member or Client. Just click on the magnifying glass icon () and type in the desired name, email, sign in date or a part of it. To view search results either press <Enter> on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon.

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